About Brant Pickard

In April of 1996 with a computer and a book on HTML, Brant Pickard started a Web Design company called “Webnautics” with the help of his father, Bill. In the late 90’s the internet was fairly new to most businesses in the South Georgia area so the task was simple: help businesses create an online presence.

Early on Webnautics worked with companies like “The Tax Shoppe” in Valdosta, “Mason’s Home Futniture” in Fitzgerald, and “Plant Telephone” in Tifton. However, as the 90’s grew to an end, Webnautics took on more internal projects creating drop ship websites and using their SEO and Online Advertising know-how to promote their own businesses and doing outsource online programming for other companies. 

In 2004, Brant hung up his keyboard and mouse and took a hiatus from being online. Though he still kept up with growing trends, he handed thins over to his father Bill to run as he pursued a career in Student Ministry. It didn’t take long for Brant to combine his skills as a web developer and programmer into the ministry to help streamline registrations, event planning, and budgets. 


In 2012 Brant found his way back to web development, but this time on a part-time basis. This go round, he chose the name JUVA Marketing. What is JUVA, you ask? Simple: Just Unmatched Value and Attitude. The concept would be simple. Be a “just” company, upright, above board, and beyond reproach. The business would operate under the same Christian Principals that Brant lived his life by. Next, be unmatched. Whether it was price, product, or especially customer service, do everything with excellence and quality. When it comes down to value, sure, you can get a website, web program, marketing plan or whatever else with more bells and whistles and an entire team of type-A personalities on things, but we believe there is more value in a one on one relationship with our clients where we can help add value to their company by getting to know their passion for their business and guide them in growing that passion online. Lastly, Attitude is everything. On a personal level, Brant strives everyday to make people smile. He has a great sense of “off the cuff” humor and loves to make the cashier at the drive though laugh as he gets lunch. The same goes for this business. Everything is done with a smile and southern hospitality. 

For the past 6 years Brant has had the pleasure of working with about 15 individual companies in the Valdosta area. He takes on one client at a time and spends time with that client making sure that the development of their online persona matches the core values of the company. He plans to continue to do this for as long as God will bless him with clients to work with. 

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